Public Administration Program

Education for Public Service

Welcome to the University of Hawai'i Public Administration Program (PUBA), an innovative graduate-level program dedicated to the enhancement of public service and public institutions.

Since 1984, the Program has been committed to:

  • Increasing leadership resources for public service in Hawai'i and the Asia-Pacific Region
  • Building organizational and community collaborations for creative problem-solving
  • Nurturing connections between participants and a network of change agents

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PUBA: Focus and Place

Education for Public Service

The Program's design is oriented by this question: What do people in public service need to know to be effective in their work? Our response brings together participants from a rich variety of backgrounds to share experiences, uses collaborative teaching to view issues from different perspectives, emphasizes active engagement in classes, and continuously applies theory to practice.

Our large alumni network is a significant asset to UH MPA graduates. Hawaii is a unique place to hone your skills in public service leadership. Both physically, and by cultural outlook, Hawai'i lies between the United States Mainland and Asian and Pacific societies. The diversity of the state and the mixture of cultural traditions from both West and East establish an unusually rich setting for developing your leadership style.


PUBA Mission

The Mission of the Public Administration Program is to energize public institutions and
organizations doing public work, enrich and deepen civic culture, and increase leadership capacity for those with public and community responsibilities in Hawai‘i, the rest of the US, and the Asia-Pacific Region. We do this through teaching, research, and service activities that give current and future public service professionals the knowledge and skills they need to be more effective in their work and to improve our communities.

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