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David Nixon

David C. Nixon


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Public Administration Program (PUBA)

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Department of Urban and Regional Planning (PLAN)

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PhD 1996, Political Science, Washington University in St. Louis.
MA 1993, Political Science, Washington University in St. Louis.
BS 1990, Social Science and Education, Michigan State University.

Fellow, Center for Political Economy, Washington University in St. Louis (1995-96).
Assistant and then Associate Professor with Tenure, Department of Political Science, Georgia State University (1996-2006).
Visiting Associate Professor, Public Administration Program and Public Policy Center, University of Hawaii (2006-2007)
Associate Professor with Tenure, Public Administration Program (2007-present)



Professor Nixon studies the intersection between public bureaucracy and law and the manner in which non-electoral forces (legal oversight by the judiciary, appointments by politicians) shape the discretionary policy decisions made by public officials. Most of his research addresses policymaking by large federal regulatory agencies in the United States, such as the Internal Revenue Service, Federal Communications Commission, Securities and Exchange Commission, or National Labor Relations Board. He has published widely in political science and public administration journals, including American Journal of Political Science, Political Research Quarterly, Journal of Law Economics & Organization, Journal of Public Administration Research & Theory, and Public Administration Review.

Public Management and Law; American political institutions; Methodology; Specializing in political appointments.



Politics, Law, Public Administration, and Research Methods